Artist’s Statement 


I am fascinated by the structural identity of seemingly simple elements such as lines and planes. Although abstract, these elements are important social and cultural signifiers; it is the particular arrangement of lines and surfaces in an everyday object that determines its meaning and perception of desirability. My work however is not intended to create new forms for practical objects directly or immediately. I see my work as a conceptual source rather than an end product. 

As an artist, in order to reveal the structure of an abstract element I have to rely on my feelings and intuitions. Therefore my method is reduced to my ability to get intimate with the thing at hand by holding it closely in my consciousness, looking at and hearing it. Connecting with it. This also involves devotion and an unmapped journey. I heard Alice Coltrane had said that John Coltrane would have his saxophone with him even during lunch and dinner. 

Although my work dwells on the plastic structure of things, it is as well about the love of unpredictability in the process, the romance with experimentation and discovery. My work aims at presenting my experiences in ways that engage the interface between the expression of popular culture, and trends of my time and place with conceptual experimental concerns as related to art. 

For example, I paint an element such as a line or a surface in a way that explores the possibilities of recreating it without the use off traditional representation. The same is true of a seascape where I see air, water and earth as pure elements and their interface as important places of demarcation and transition. I then recreate these lines and surfaces through the use of a plastic structure that consists of many brush strokes. The same holds true for the surface and volume of the form.

Although there are some semblances of popular figures in my work, my attempt at creating new images for lines and surfaces remains paramount in my work. I recreate the synergy I experience in the world around me by juxtaposing beauty and form with abstract shapes and conceptual elements.